ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Team List

Cricket is a very awesome game to watch and a movie. This is a very nice game to enjoy with friends, family, and relatives. All of us wait for all the matches of cricket. Especially boys enjoy cricket, they want to grab the opportunity to make a sixer or take any run from the batting. Cricket has been enjoyed by everyone in the whole world.

ICC T20 World Cup was organized in two years in 2021.  Australia was declared as the winning team and New Zealand was the runner-up team. Now we all are waiting for 2022 for the next event.

  • Citizens of different countries want to gain knowledge about this sport. There are so many authors and there are a million articles there on this game.
  • In government exams, the general knowledge questions are sometimes all based on this game. Studies are very important but cricket events are liked by everyone in every corner of the whole world.
  • There are a total of sixteen teams in cricket who are participating and give their best effort to make themselves present on the field. 

The teams that show outstanding performances are as follows:













  • There is prize money offered in crores to the winning team and runner up also gets prize money and perks equal to that. 
  • The tickets are on the website of t20worldcup.com. And for different age groups like kids and adults, the cost of the ticket is different.
  • The maximum cost of the ticket is $395, totally according to the seat position during the game.
  • The sale of the ticket for this game starts on (7 February 2022). This all depends on the people’s madness and love devoted to this game. 
  • There is a competition between different sixteen teams so people from the whole world of India want to be participating more and become winners more because of this achievement, they celebrate in their homes, give parties to celebrate in their surroundings and people all over India, love every event of cricket and always be self-motivated and encourage so much from this game.

The prize distribution in the 2021 T20 World Cup is as follows:

1. Australia(Winners)- Rs 13.1 crore

2. New Zealand(Runners- Up)- Rs 7.15 crore

3. Pakistan- Rs 4.5 crore

4. England- Rs 4.2 crore

5. Srilanka- Rs 2.02 crore

6. South Africa- Rs 1.72 crore

7. India(Super 12)-  Rs 1.42 crore

8. Namibia(Super 12) – Rs 1.42 crore

9. Scotland(Super 12)- Rs 1.42 crore

10. Bangladesh(Super 12)- Rs 1.12 crore

11. Afghanistan(Super 12)- Rs 1.12 crore

12. West Indies(Super 12)- Rs 82 lakh                                                                      

13. Oman(Eliminated in Qualifying)-Rs 60 lakh

14. Ireland(Eliminating in Qualifying)- Rs 60 lakh

15. Papua New Guinea(Eliminating in Qualifying)- Rs 30 lakh

16. The Netherlands(Eliminating in Qualifying)- Rs 30 lakh

  • In 2007 India was declared a winner in the t20 cricket world cup which was organized in South Africa.
  • The amazing and just imagination of any one person is the trophy he/she gets after winning the opportunity, there are two types of outstanding trophies are:

a. The Reliance World Cup

b. Wills World cup

  • The winner gets this amazing opportunity to take the trophy in their hands and take it to their countries in the happiness of winning and they celebrate with their team members, families, and friends this beautiful trophy.
  • The trophy is just not an ordinary trophy, it is of gold and is the world’s largest trophy. 
  • This is very expensive for whole cricket games and including the T20 World Cup.
  • Hockey is our national game but the opportunities in this game, the prize money, fame and job opportunities are not present in any game.
  • Very enjoyable moment of life is watching cricket with families while enjoying popcorn , momos, ice cream and bun sticky etc. And every family member enjoys it a lot.


Cricket is played by boys but some daring girls also play cricket. There is a women’s cricket team also, but physically, they are not as strong as boys that’s why somehow they are lacking in this game. But the very auspicious game, if one person makes a career through this game, gets name and fame in society. People love that individual and put examples in front of society. Not only fame but also easily get entry into so many government jobs directly. This is the biggest opportunity in one’s life.

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